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Double-sided toothed synchronous belt




The main models of synchronous belt and synchronous pulley are trapezoidal teeth-MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, T2.5, T5, T10, T20; High torque arc teeth -3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M, S2M, S3M, S4.5M, S5M, S8M, S14M, etc.

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The timing belt is made of three main materials: neoprene, glass fiber thread and elastic nylon cloth. It is a special rubber transmission belt used for various mechanical transmissions. It is the use of gear and gear with the anastomosis of transmission, and thus both gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission of the three integrated characteristics.
The use of rubber synchronous belt drive has the following advantages:
Ensure synchronous transmission without slip between transmission wheels
The transmission speed ratio can reach 10, and the transmission speed can reach 40 M/S
The transmission power can be from a few watts to the upper kilowatt
The transmission structure is simple and light, and does not require lubrication
No need for large initial tension, small shaft load
Low running noise
Simple maintenance, easy replacement, etc.

Double tooth synchronous belt product introduction:

The pitch and tooth profile of the double-sided tooth synchronous belt are equivalent to the tooth profile and pitch of the single-sided tooth synchronous belt

Double-sided toothed synchronous belt can be divided into two standard types according to the arrangement of belt teeth: DA type double-sided toothed synchronous belt, its two sides with teeth are right

For weighing, see Figure (a); for DB type double-sided toothed synchronous belt, the teeth on both sides of the belt are arranged in staggered positions, see Figure (B).



Specification, model and size table of double-sided tooth synchronous belt

Model W T Specification code Section length Number of teeth View
D-MXL 0.508 1.53       Detailed Specifications
D-XL 0.508 3.05 196XL-1970XL 497.84-5003.8 98-985 Detailed Specifications
D-L 0.762 4.58 203L-1988L 514.35-5048.25 54-530 Detailed Specifications
D-H 1.372 5.95 670H-2500H 1701.8-6350 124-500 Detailed Specifications
D-XH 2.794 15.49 700XH-2275XH 1778.00-5778.5 80-260 Detailed Specifications
D-XXH 3.048 22.11 700XXH-2625XXH 1778.00-6667.5 56-210 Detailed Specifications
D-T2.5 0.60 2.00 T2.5x500-T2.5x5000 500.00-5000.00 200-2000 Detailed Specifications
D-T5 1.00 3.40 T5x500-T5x7000 500.00-7000.00 100-1400 Detailed Specifications
D-T10 2.00 7.00 T10x500-T10x7050 500.00-7050.00 50-705 Detailed Specifications
D-T20 3.00 13.00 T20x1700-T20x7000 1700.00-7000.00 85-350 Detailed Specifications
D-AT10 2.00 7.00 AT10x500-AT10x7000 500.00-7000.00 50-700 Detailed Specifications
HTD.DA-3M 0.760 3.10 501-3M-5010-3M 501.00-5010.00 167-1670 Detailed Specifications
HTD.DA-5M 1.143 5.26 500-5M-7000-5M 500.00-7000.00 50-1400 Detailed Specifications
HTD.DA-8M 1.372 8.17 512-8M-6880-8M 512-6880 64-860 Detailed Specifications
HTD.DA-14M 2.80 14.84 1750-14M-6860-14M 1750-6860 125-490 Detailed Specifications
HTD.DA-S8M 1.372 7.48 S8M-512-S8M-6880 512-6880 64-860 Detailed Specifications


The pitch and tooth profile of the double-sided tooth synchronous belt are equivalent to the tooth profile and pitch of the single-sided tooth synchronous belt.


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