The replacement of industrial synchronous belt must pay attention to the standard steps


When replacing these products with pulleys, the power should be turned off in advance, the protective cover should be removed, and the motor assembly bolts should be loosened. Move the motor so that the timing belt is loose enough to remove the drive belt without prying it off. Never pry the belt off. Remove the old drive belt and check for abnormal wear. Excessive wear may indicate problems with the design or maintenance of the transmission.

It is needless to say to choose the appropriate synchronous belt replacement. To clean the transmission belt and the transmission pulley, the rag should be wiped with a little non-volatile liquid. It is not advisable to soak in the cleaning agent or use the cleaning and brushing belt. It is obviously not advisable to wipe with sandpaper or with sharp objects to remove oil stains and dirt. The belt must be kept dry before installation and use.

The next step is to check: check whether the synchronous belt wheel is cracked or worn, it is best to use professional measuring tools to check. If the wear is excessive, the pulley must be replaced. Check whether the drive pulley is linear and symmetrical. Check the remaining transmission components, such as bearings and bushings for symmetry, durability and lubrication. For a multi-belt drive, all belts must be replaced. If only one old belt is replaced on a multi-belt drive, the tension of the new belt may be appropriate, but all the old belts will be under tension. The device may be loaded only by this new belt, causing premature damage to the new belt.