What are the characteristics and functions of synchronous belt drive?


At present, the use of timing belts is very extensive, and the use of timing belts can be seen in many industries. Although it is widely used, the characteristics and functions of synchronous belt transmission may not be fully understood.

1. What is synchronous belt drive

We know that the synchronous belt is mainly used with the synchronous pulley, that is, the belt that synchronizes the two synchronous pulleys. Our common timing belts are mainly made of glass fiber and steel wire rope. The inside of the belt is the belt. It has a tooth profile and meshes with the synchronous belt wheel. The timing belt does not need to be lubricated, combines the advantages of other belts, runs smoothly and does not damage the goods. Synchronous belt drive is a form of synchronous belt conveying things.

2. What is the role of synchronous belt drive

Timing belts are widely used in manufacturing plants. They can keep the two synchronous pulleys rotating smoothly, and can also transport goods smoothly. Therefore, factories in many industries like to use synchronous belts to transport goods.

3. What are the characteristics of synchronization

The characteristics of synchronous belt transmission are: 1. Rough transmission and low error rate. Many factories like to use synchronous belt drive. 2. The synchronous belt is easy to maintain, without lubricating oil, the synchronous belt can be transmitted over a long distance, is not easy to break, and has a good carrying capacity.