Several measures that can be taken for the heating phenomenon of the synchronous wheel


In the current industrial applications, a large part of the transmission device will choose synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel. With its increasing utilization rate in industrial equipment, some unavoidable fault problems will emerge. Serious fault damage needs to be checked and repaired by professionals. Unauthorized handling may cause more losses, but some minor fault problems, users can adjust themselves or take certain preventive measures during use. In the application of synchronous belt wheels, heating of synchronous belt wheels is a common problem. When this happens, we can take the following measures:

1, timely shutdown processing

When the synchronous pulley generates heat during use, it must be stopped in time whether it is caused by motor work or friction, which can reduce the damage to the synchronous pulley;

2. Avoid overload work

Synchronous belt wheel is widely used, but its models and types are numerous. Different types of synchronous belt wheel products have different carrying capacity for goods. However, it is clear that no matter what kind of synchronous wheel can not be overloaded, because overload work will cause too much load on the machine, causing its heat and thus causing damage to itself.

3, regular maintenance of machinery and equipment

As an indispensable part of industrial machinery and equipment, synchronous pulley wants to extend its service life and reduce losses. Regular maintenance and maintenance can greatly reduce its failure due to heat.

The above is about how to reduce the synchronous belt wheel heating phenomenon measures and methods, I hope to be able to help you!